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Timars Offset Frame is an attachment to a container spreader for handling 20ft container "offset" from the container spreaders lifting lugs. The Offset frame is fully automatic and can be used with any kind of automatic spreader and spreader brand (ISO). The Offset frame is attached to the container spreader like a regular 20ft container in four top corner castings. There are no secondary fixing between the spreader and the offset frame which means that the crane operator can easily attach and detach the offset frame without any manaul assistance. The twistlocks on the Offset frame locks and unlocks automatically (no manual operation).

The offset is 1500 mm from the spreader which means that the crane operator can pick 20ft containers close to the bridge on vessels where this normally can be a problem with a regular container spreader due to the wires.

Lifting capacity is up to SWL50T

The system is electric (24V) and is loaded by solarpanels. Fully internal electric system but is is possible to load the batteries by cable.

 There are several safety systems that insure safe operation and the frame is equipped with LED lights for indicating twistlock status (locked/open) and fully landed (Landing probes by each twistlock.

The Offset frame can also be equipped with Timars Hoist Interlock system which requires an installation on the crane and spreader.

Other options is for example Timars wiresless Service attachement which can give engineering information about the Offset frame directly to the office (or smartphone). For example information about position, battery capacity, number of TEU handled and Error messages.

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